Geographical importance of pakistan

geographical importance of pakistan Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. geographical importance of pakistan Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. geographical importance of pakistan Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

2nd year commercial geography important short notes 1area of pakistan ansarea of pakistan is 796095 sqkm or 310403 miles 2total population of pakistan. Geographical importance of pakistan pakistan geographically location: location: southern asia lies between 24 and 3675 northern latitude and between 61 and 7505 eastern longitude. Geo-strategic significance of pakistan synopsis: 1 introduction 2 pakistan geographical location 3 strategic significance: a) - proximity. Geo-strategic importance of pakistan 1 introduction 2 pakistan geographical location 3 strategic significance: a) - proximity of great powers b) - gateway to central asia- oil and energy game c) - significance as a transit economy d) - significance as an important link in the chain of. The geography of pakistan geographical regions topography of pakistan pakistan is divided into three major geographic areas: the northern highlands the indus river plain, with two major subdivisions corresponding roughly to the provinces of punjab and sindh and the balochistan plateau.

Geography pakistan table of contents pakistan occupies a position of great geostrategic importance, bordered by iran on the west, afghanistan on the northwest, china on the northeast, india on the. Kashmir is important to india and pakistan because finding a peaceful solution to the long-standing territorial dispute may improve relationships between the two nations and create more stability in. Outline 1 location and climate of pakistan 2 geographical location 3 area and population 4 importance of pakistan's location 1 situation 2 karachi as an important port. Pakistan in asia has much geographical importance because of its strategic location firstly, pakistan has all features of nature like sea, deserts.

Pakistan's geography and landforms, including information on the punjab plain, indus river, himalayas - by worldatlascom. Gilgit-baltistan has been under pakistan administration since 1947 and was given self-governing status on august 29, 2009 gilgit-baltistan comprises 10 districts within three divisions the four districts of skardu kharmang shigar and ghanche are in the baltistan division. The strategic geographical location of afghanistan has made the country most vulnerable state in terms of hosting the great game of politics among the super and atomic powers like, america, china russia, india, pakistan and iran it is almost for four decades that the region has been the ground of. Importance of pakistan's location pakistan has great importance on the basis of its location not only do you think that this statement gives a complete information about the geographical location of pakistanyou have given the title location but i dont think it is including the sea.

Geographical importance of pakistan

Pakistan: pakistan, populous and multiethnic country of south asia several important rivers flow from, or through, the mountains of kashmir into pakistan from the pir panjal range flows the jhelum river (which bisects the famous vale of kashmir. Pakistan is blessed with a long range of mountains that are an attraction for geologists and mountain climbers from.

Keywords: geo strategic importance of pakistan essay geo- strategic means importance of a country or a region as by virtue of its geographical location. The international situation of a country is inevitably influenced by the assets and liabilities of its geographic setting pakistan was carved in a region with a history of conflict and rivalry between the british and the expansionist designs of soviet union afghanistan acted as buffer between. The total geographical area of pakistan is 796 million hectares the agricultural sector plays an important part in pakistan's economy by: significant progress has been made in development of the agricultural sector in pakistan since the time of independence in 1947. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. The 40 million pashtuns in afghanistan, pakistan, and other countries, are the largest tribal group in the world pashtuns are considered a tribal group because their political structure is based on family or clan there are about 60 major pashtun clans hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan.

Jammu & kashmir - geography & geology damascus, baghdad and peshawar (pakistan) geographical importance - kashmir is famous for its beauty and natural scenery throughout the world its high snow-clad mountains mountains have a special geographical importance to the state of jammu and. Geography of pakistan: read this article to learn about the middle eastern country of pakistan learn about pakistan's history, government, economy, geography and climate from geography at aboutcom. Describe the natural resources of pakistan importance of natural resources of pakistan, natural resources of pakistan essay in urdu, resources of pakistan notes, short note on resources of pakistan , natural resources development. Pakistan is located atvery important region strategically sharing border with india,china, iran and afghanistan makes pakistan a country with greatimportance. Learn the facts and history of pakistan, including its culture, geography, economy, and peoples this ancient region continues to be significant. Geographical location of pakistan in the world map southern asia, bordering the arabian sea, between india on the east and iran and afghanistan on the west and china in the north geographic coordinates: 30 00 n, 70 00 e map references: asia area: total: 796,095 sq km.

Geographical importance of pakistan
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